Wow! What a shocking two weeks this has been so far for us all. I never imagined something as terrible as this would happen ever, let alone in my lifetime!

You think you have done everything you can to provide for your children and for your future, but something as crazy as this crashes our world around us. Of course I am in the ‘Self employed’ bracket, owning three small dog related businesses but thankfully no employees. My husbands business in the power station industry has also been affected but we have to smile and carry on, hope for the best and be positive for our children.

The whole Dog Trainer community is up in arms about the situation. We are of course anticipating the fall out from all those unsocialised puppies due to the restrictions on going outside / mixing with people. I have been writing a program for people to combat this, after all Puppies is what I specialise in. Did you know that training Puppies is a harder more detailed job than training adults? Because if you get it wrong, the consequences can last a lifetime. You can ‘make or break’ a puppy so always chose a good, reputable Dog trainer.

I am fortunate to have an outdoor training field of my own so we can be as socially distanced as necessary. I love training outdoors, it gives me no restriction and I can be as creative in my classes as I want to be. All my other dog trainer friends in the area have taken to online training so I thought I would give it a go! I can’t tell you how nervous I was making them, to me I came across as quite stern faced and sounded not at all how I wanted. You live and you learn.. and I have learnt never to rehearse before I film!!! I make free ones but I have also started making more detailed ones for my existing clients, new and old so hopefully when classes return they all have amazing obedient dogs haha!

If you fancy checking out my new YouTube channel – click here and don’t forget to subscribe. If you would like to join one of my future puppy/dog training classes then please drop me a message. I am trying to post a video every day, in-between home schooling my son, pulling my hair out and doing home projects I usually do not have the time for… you know the ones like emptying my kitchen cupboards and finding a jar of whatever expired in 2018 (true story).

Lastly, if you are reading this I hope you and your family are all well, we will survive, we will push through and we will return to normality! Stay safe and stay indoors xx