Everybody wants a Puppy whilst on lock down…

I have received so many calls, messages, texts, emails etc from people looking for a puppy. Everybody wants a Puppy whilst on lock down! It is actually quite alarming. It shudders me to think of all the puppy farmers / bad breeders rubbing their hands together because people seem to be desperate for a puppy.

Maybe they have been considering getting a puppy for a long time but now the timing is better? Maybe its spare of the moment purchase? Who knows!

We have a killer virus sweeping the country and now is not the right time. Can you imagine if you caught the virus, had to be hospitalised, right when you are settling an already anxious puppy into a new environment? Who would look after it? Dogs suffer with stress just like humans and do not have the capability of dealing with it as well as a human would. Any upset to a puppy, whilst in critical socialisation period, could be a detriment to its behaviour in later months. Puppies also need a great deal of socialising and desensitisation, a new owners job will be much harder.

I decided to create a short video and publish it in every Doggy facebook group I am joined to. If you are going to get a puppy right now, make sure you employ a Dog trainer online who can give you the help and advice needed to ensure your puppy will be happy and confident in its future.

I am currently creating videos for my clients but I also have a lot of free ones you can check out on my youtube channel. Don’t forget to hit subscribe. After lock down, if you would like to join one of my classes, please contact me to book your place!

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