What on gods earth is going on in the dog world right now? We have breeders escalating their prices due to supply and demand, puppy theft from massive commercial breeders and now we have the unsought of puppy scammers taking advantage of the masses who desperately want a puppy. This is a huge chain of distrust between breeders and new owners, everyone is a suspect so we need to EXPOSE THE PUPPY SCAMMER!

So being in the world that is trainers, breeders and owners, me and some dog loving pals started a new facebook group called Expose the Puppy Scammer UK. The main reason being that we are really saddened by the sheer amount of puppy scams we see in our facebook groups.

If you have been subjected to what you believe to be an online puppy scam, please join our group and share your story. Let’s help prevent others making the same mistake. Everyone welcome so make sure you share and invite your friends.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/puppyconsuk/ Click the link to join.