Say NO to commercial kennel breeders… this is a subject I am passionate about! Know where you are spending your hard earned cash and don’t line commercial breeders pockets! Have a read of a blog I co-wrote with the Head of Training – Leanne Mcwade at the Dog Training College which helps you choose a good breeder.

Wait for the right breeder, a puppy is your dog for life and will share potentially 12 or more years with you. Ensure this dog is coming from the right solid background from the get go!

Always select puppies from fit and healthy mothers who live in environments free from stress and confinement. Stress from the mum passes on to the puppies via hormones, whilst they are inside her.

  • Breeding dogs to a commercial kennel breeding owner are disposable. When they have stopped making them money, they end up in a rescue or rehomed. Guess what! Breeding dogs have been kenneled for much of its life therefore it will have no comprehension of house training. They’ve never slept on someones lap, they’ve never toileted in a garden, they’ve never been given the freedom to roam around a house and they certainly haven’t been taught basic good manners around children / other pets. They are also likely to be more vocal, full of anxiety and extremely hard to retrain. Most people couldn’t cope with the amount of issues this type of dogs bring, it leaves the dog with sadly not many choices for a good home and that is devastating.
  • Commercial Kennels breed for maximum profit! The parents are not family dogs therefore they cannot know what the mothers personality traits are.
  • Kennels usually breed more than one type of dog. This is a big clue on the type of breeder they are – a greeder! They have no real clue on what quality means to your breed. They just breed as many types as possible to maximise their profit.
  • Greeders – they breed for money only. This is a breeder that does not ask you much about who you and your family are. They do not care where that puppy will be living, they just want your money. A good test of a breeder is to say to them “I want a puppy as a present for my 2 year old daughter, she really wants one” OR “I am getting a puppy as I have never had a dog before and thought it would be cool“. Be inventive!
  • Commercial kennel bred dogs are more likely to end up abandoned in rescues sadly. This is because their only interest is in money and not trying to find out if a dog is suitable for that particular owner. They sell to anyone, as long as they have money to pay.
  • Tell tale signs of puppies being raised in barns, sheds, garages or kennels is the flooring and the background. If you get sent a photo of puppies from a breeder, have a really close look at their surroundings. Ensure you are not just seeing close up photos. Ask to see how they are raised and the whelping area in full. If you see things like wood shavings, straw and newspapers for bedding then there is a good chance they are in outbuildings.

Signs of a Good Breeder

  • Good breeders follow the latest advice in behaviour. They do not follow outdated advice such as being a strong pack leader, or showing their dogs who is boss.
  • The breeder is aware of the importance of socialisation, habituation and desensitisation for their puppies.
  • Good breeders have a solid interest in producing puppies that will be sold to pet homes. They pride themselves with having parents with excellent temperaments and health.
  • They DNA health test the parents for breed specific inherited diseases and ailments. This is to ensure their offspring will not be affected.
  • They don’t have too many dogs than they can cope with, ensuring each dog they breed with gets plenty of socialisation and proper public walks. They don’t confine them to their own garden! Ask the breeder how many dogs they own, it may open your eyes.

Do what you can to protect the future welfare of Dogs – report bad breeders to their local council!

Being a licensed breeder with higher standards doesn’t necessarily make for a great breeder either. It doesn’t mean they will care about where their puppies go or how they will be raised in the future. They don’t breed for waiting lists, they breed to make money. They always have puppies available. They line their pockets and kick out tons of litters a year with little or no consideration to the dogs they are using to breed with. ££££ is all they see.

UPDATE! GREEDERS have messaged me to say how much they disagree with this blog. They happen to be charging £3k and above for their puppies. Go figure! Please help us by signing this petition to stop breeders being allowed to ‘broker’ their breeding dogs.

Hopefully you have read this post and will remember it when you consider looking for your next puppy! Take a look at my other blog regarding puppy scams.