What is the difference between training and behaviour work?

Canine Training is getting your dog TO DO something new e.g. sit, walk nicely on a lead, come back when called.

Canine Behavioural work requires us to change the emotional response that your dog has to something in particular. We are helping to stop them doing something or making their lives easier for example

  • Guards his toys, growls and snaps at his human,
  • Barks at by passing dogs or humans.
  • Doesn’t like men, children or other species
  • Scared of leaving your home

When you are searching around for a trainer / behaviourist, make sure you know if they are qualified and experienced enough to be able to deal with your dogs issue. They have a network of fellow professionals that they can speak to and seek further advice from. They will always refer on to someone whose has more experience in this area if they need to instead of causing more potential damage to the Dogs mental state.

Go visit one of their classes, watch what they do and how they interact with their clients. Ensure they are not using adverse, out dated methods by the use of slip leads, dominating behaviours towards dogs, stern voices, Are they teaching ‘yank on the lead’ and that stops dogs pulling? Using a lead to control your dog is the opposite of what they should be teaching!

You need to find a Trainer that shows you how to give your dog choice, trains your dog to have a bond with you, not to fear you. Reward based training is ethical and kind, scientifically proven to give you long term results. Have fun with your dog, a class shouldn’t be regimental, you shouldn’t be speaking to them like an Sergeant in the Army.

I have seen more and more clients these past couple of months who have been to other local ‘Trainers’ and learnt nothing but how to be abusive at best. One particular dog started having an adverse reaction towards his owner, he started to hate training and would become reactive at them when given certain cues. This poor boy was so down trodden and had no other method left to communicate his feelings but to bite back. I am currently working with this client to correct the bad methodology they had been taught and help him love to learn. So the short of it is, if you spend your money on training, get it right first time. You may just end up paying someone else like me to correct the damage that has been done.

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