Are you feeling lost and confused?  Is your Dog testing your patience?

I am able to offer you individual / one to one behaviour training sessions which are catered to your dogs specific issue.  You will have an initial consultation to discuss the problem and a written behaviour modification plan on which to follow at home.

We can target all ranges of unwanted behaviours e.g. aggression, barking, pulling on a lead, bad recall or just work on general house training.

General Obedience Lessons – Fee £35

  • Adult dog training
  • Pulling on the lead / loose lead walking
  • Jumping up at people
  • Not coming when called (recall)
  • Mouthing & biting
  • Toilet training
  • Stealing food / items
  • Rough play with other dogs
Canine Behaviour Consultation – Fee £65
  • Separation anxiety 
  • Dog to dog aggression / reactivity
  • Dog to human aggression / reactivity
  • Aggression around food / toys 
  • Chasing (horses / joggers / cyclists / children)
  • Excessive barking (In garden / at door)
  • Anxiety / OCD
  • Any other behaviour problems
Where do the One to One Sessions take place?
  • We can work any outdoor problems in the controlled, secure environment of my training field
  • In the home visit
  • On location  (if it calls for it)
  • On line Zoom video call
Important to know!

As every good dog trainer should tell you, there is not one plan that fits all dogs.  It may be necessary to trial various plans before we find the one that fits YOUR dog. 

Fixing issues in your Dog is not easy, changing an animals behaviour is not a task you should undertake lightly.  It requires a good level of commitment, patience and consistency from the owner and their immediate family.

Only one problem will be dealt at a time within your consultation.

It also may be necessary to involve the help of a fully qualified, professionally registered Clinical Animal Behaviorist.  People often make the mistake, these are not the same as a Trainer however I can help with recommendations of whom to use.

  • Guaranteed professional and friendly service
  • An individual program to follow at home and of course, with the addition of a little fun!
  • No additional hidden costs and no VAT either!
  • Flexibility on session times

Please contact me for an informal chat.

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