This should be the first class you ever attend with your puppy.

You have all seen the vet puppy parties, designed to get you into their surgery and talk about your puppies health, vaccinations etc.  Puppies are put into an enclosed environment, with lots of other hyped up puppies, getting bored and frustrated.  Some puppy parties they allow puppies to free play… this is not what you should allow your puppy to do, it can be terrifying for them and it could cause numerous problems down the line.

In my Puppy Socialisation and Desensitization class, I will show you the correct way for your puppies to greet other dogs/humans.  By the end of the class you will understand the basics of dog emotions, body language and important socialisation skills for new environments.  These are skills that every new dog owner should possess.   All importantly, you will have fun with your dog as we play mentally stimulating games throughout the duration of the class!

The class is just over an hour long.

  • Puppies should be over 10 weeks old and have completed their vaccinations (or had a titre test if you don’t believe in them)
  • Children over the age of 5 years old are welcome.  One child to one parent.

To book your place in one of these classes please contact me via email or telephone.  I have one session a month and places go fast!

Please read before booking –