Helping you safeguard the mental health of your dog

When it comes to behaviour, dogs have a lot in common with us humans, but we should not anthropomorphise. Every dog is shaped by past experiences and the environment they grow up in and their mental health can be impacted by a range of factors.

At The Puppy Master we believe in giving owners the skills they need to safeguard the mental health of their dogs. We provide in-depth behaviour consultations to help adjust emotional reactions in dogs of all types.

Whether it’s helping your hound feel less anxious or stopping them from chasing everything that moves, we’ve got you covered. With us, your dog will live long and paw-sper.

What behavioural issues can we help with?

We have experience with a wide range of conditions and some of the most common we deal with are:

  • Separation distress anxiety
  • Dog to dog aggression / reactivity
  • Dog to human aggression / reactivity
  • Repeatedly chasing objects and people
  • Excessive barking
  • Aggression around food and toys

** We do not use corrections on your dog, this is an outdated method of dog training and will not work effectively long term, killing any fantastic future bond you may have with your dog.

What's involved in a consultation?

Step One: A free call

Get in touch to arrange a free call where we’ll discuss any behavioural problems your dog is having and see how we can lend a hand.

Step 2: Referral from a vet

It’s important your dog is feeling healthy, and we’ll ask you to provide full medical history of your pet. This helps to give us a full picture of any health issues a puppy may have had in the past and if it’s impacted their behaviour.

Step 3: Questionnaire 

We’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out to help us get to know your dog on a personal level. This information could include exercise regime, eating habits, sleeping patterns and more.

Step 4: Consultation 

Once all the paperwork has been filled out, we’ll spend time on a call with you to see what factors could be affecting your dog’s behaviour and we’ll provide our recommendations.

Step 5: Welcome to the programme

After the initial consultation, we’ll email you a detailed plan explaining the reasons behind your dog’s behaviour, along with instructions on how to make things better.  It may be necessary that you will need to add some obedience training sessions on to the plan, dependant on the course of action that is needed.  This will all be discussed at the time.

The follow up session will be to ensure that the plan is running smoothly for you and to cover any extra information you need.

During the programme, you’re welcome to call or email us at any time to have any questions answered.


£240 for a behaviour consultation, written modification plan for you to follow and 2 follow up in-person sessions.

Get to the bottom of your dog’s behaviour today and book a consultation!

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