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When it comes to socialising your dog, it’s all about being in the right environment and having the skills to keep your pet happy, motivated and well-mannered. In some instances, puppies are kept in enclosed spaces or housed together in hyped-up parties, and these aren’t the kind of environments that will benefit them in the long run.

At The Puppy Master, we provide dog socialisation training designed to give your pup the skills to thrive in any kind of environment. We believe in a force-free approach to keep dogs well-adjusted and happy so you can enjoy every moment you spend with them.

From exciting games to deep diving into dog body language, there’s plenty to learn and embrace in the pursuit of helping your dog live his or her best life.


Our Services

Socialisation and desensitisation training 

We recommend this course as the first class you ever attend with your puppy to help them develop positive habits and the social skills they need to be healthy and happy. The class is one hour long, and you’ll benefit from learning a variety of skills, ranging from the basics of dog emotions to greeting house guests.

What training is included?

  • Socialising with other dogs and humans
  • Varied games that help to build rapport and trust
  • The fundamentals of dog emotions and how to recognise signs of bad behaviour
  • Helping your dog feel relaxed in different environments


Puppies should be over 10 weeks old and have completed their vaccinations (or a titre test). Children over the age of 5-years old are welcome to attend the class, though it’s one child to one parent.

Before booking the class, please read our terms and conditions for further information.


£20 per session

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