Dog Breeding Mentorship Services

I am a ‘higher standard’ license holder with Wakefield Council and have been in the breeding industry for 22 years. I am an expert speaker on this subject, appearing on seminars, TV and radio, it really is a passion of mine. I am also a consultant for Tailwise, the home of ethical breeders in the UK.

Being in the breeding industry can be overwhelming and judgemental, I can help you overcome those fears and become the best you can possibly be. The most important factor to know is that I am friendly, approachable and supportive at all times.

I offer advice on ethical, in-the-home breeding with your dogs welfare being a top priority. I also offer advice to small scale kennel breeders and am level 3 qualified in Canine Care and Welfare, Level 4 in Canine Behaviour and Training.

Our Services

Whelping guidance for new breeders

If you are a new breeder and need advice or guidance, I offer an in home consultation service alongside information guides with documents you can use for your own litter.

  • Comprehensive Puppy Contract (to give to new owners of Puppies)
  • Whelping Advice Guidance booklet
  • Puppy Deposit receipt template
  • Puppy Socialisation Guidelines
  • Information on how to raise a litter THE RIGHT WAY and give your owners the best experience with their new fur baby
  • Advice on how to advertise, vet your pet parents and fees to charge


£125 consultation fee


Whelping and Breeding Mentorship Service

  • All of the above plus 24 hour support
  • I can assist you to pass Council Licensing including all paperwork required and full support
  • Puppy Training from week 4 (teaching in home basic obedience and toilet training before your puppies have left your home). This can help raise your prices significantly and put you ahead of other breeders in terms of what you offer pet parents (new online video content course in production!)
  • Social media and engagement
  • New pet parent engagement – how to keep them happy and advice to give them (handouts)


£899 (3 months support)


Emergency Whelping Assistance

If your bitch is in labour and you need urgent support / guidance, I am able to come to your home to help.  I have 20 years experience in whelping litters and am able to help your bitch whelp as naturally as possible.


£65 call out fee (1st hour)

£50 for every hour you need me to stay extra


Artificial Insemination Service – for all dog breeds

Covering the West Yorkshire Area: Pontefract, Normanton, Leeds, Wakefield, Castleford, Featherstone

Anybody using my stud, artificial insemination service is a one off payment of £25 to cover the cost of sterile equipment usage

Natural Mating or Artificial Inseminating

Inside my home, in the comfort and security of my sterile whelping & breeding room. The process will normally take approximately 30 mins in total.

Monday – Sunday: 09:30am – 21:00pm 

£55 a session (at least 2 sessions are required 48 hours apart)

Outside of these hours or if a mobile service is required, please get in touch for a quote.

Please note for Canine Artificial Insemination you will need: 

  • A soft muzzle for both the bitch and stud in case of any signs of aggression
  • An old towel for your bitch to travel home on
  • A collar / harness and lead
  • The bitch will need to be in season at least past day 10 unless you know she ovulates early

It is recommended that you do an blood ovulation test with a canine ovulation specialist.  This usually costs around £50 and will tell you the best timings to mate your bitch.  This way you can be sure she is ready to mate.  Home testing kits are not accurate enough.


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